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World Clockr a crummy app

I bought this app for my iPhone 4 quite awhile before I left for an overseas trip in Turkey and Greece. Frankly, this app stinks. It is not all that intuitive to begin with, but then couple this with the fact that it does not seem to sync itself with the local time in the time zone which you are in, and what you have is a first class waste of money. I would avoid this app. Apple's standard clock is far more efficient and intuitive.

World Clockr

This program is seriously flawed. The edit function does not work at all. You cannot delete either any of the clocks that are already on it or any others that you put on later. And, the developer does not respond to questions or e-mails. I'm going to mark this one a loss, but keep the Piet Jonas name in my "do not buy apps created by" file.

Real, REAL bad

Where to start? Buttons don't work. Sloppy interface. No customize capability. Can't delete clocks. Don't even rubber neck this accident.

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